sound prince

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Sound Prince Was Incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2003 

Found over  two decades ago, Sound Prince Int’l Co. Ltd. Is continentally recognized in the design and manufacture of professional audio system. 

Sound Prince Int’l Co. Ltd. commences business with 250 series in pro audio product in 12 x 6 Sqm office space located at BB26G Alaba International Market, Ojo Lagos which also pride as the largest electronics market in Africa.

Sound Prince  expertise is also evident in its advanced manufacturing and quality control processes.

SOUND PRINCE is making remarkable impact in the market with Power Amplifier, Loudspeaker, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Mixer, Quality Drum Sets, Public Address Systems and many more. Today, Sound Prince is arguably the best selling audio brand in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa with a very strong distributing chain across the major cities of Nigeria.

Sound Prince is managed by seasoned professional of over 200 staff strength, Technical, After Sales Service, Customer Care, Accountant, Internal Auditors, Warehouse Assistant, Marketing, Engineers and Research Personnel. The entire Sound Prince team is control and manages by well – articulated and innovative chief executive.

Evan. Paulinus Ugochukwu whom is also the founder of Audio victory and Sound Prince Brand.


Providing world class Audio Equipments to meet the demands of our numerous customers across West Africa.